Landers Creek Falls Lookouts (January 2023)

Further up the Snowy Mountains Highway from Talbingo and Black Perry Lookout, there is a dirt road turn-off to the Cumberland Trail. It’s a rough 4WD track (closed during the winter) that can apparently also be used as a walking track – although, it is very undulating, with more than a few steep hills and I’m not sure I’d like to be on foot with the big 4WD’s come flying past – out to a parking area that offers two walks.

The more moderate of those is to the Landers Falls lookouts (crossing Landers Creek en route), which offer spectacular views of the Talbingo Reservoir. There is still some uphill involved, even in the 800m one way trip, and the last part involves a bit of a climb over loose shale, which can be a bit dodgy when you’re trying to get a good foothold. But the views from the two lookouts are well worth the effort.

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