Horse Camp Hut (March 2021)

Like the Illawong Hut and suspension bridge walk the day before, the uphill climb from Guthega Power Station to Horse Camp Hut is one we haven’t done in many years.

It’s a bit of a rude start, straight up a winding dirt road for about the first 1.5km and it becomes undulating after that, eventually deviating from the road 400m from the hut itself. The first hill isn’t too bad in cooler weather, and definitely worth it for the beautiful old hut and the classic Australian high country scenery.

Pipelines from Guthega Power Station.
The track starts uphill. And keeps going up!
Looking towards Guthega and the Main Range.
The first stretch of flat hiking since the start.
The track meets the pipeline 1.3km uphill.
It’s an undulating track from about 13km in.
Some much-needed downhill!
This creek comes passes Horse Camp Hut further upstream.
Beautiful snowgum

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