Illawong Hut & Suspension Bridge (March 2021)

On Easter Saturday, we drove from Island Bend around to Guthega and did a favourite walk of mine that we haven’t been on in the best part of ten years: the undulating trail out to Illawong Hut and the suspension bridge there that crosses the Snowy River. The Main Range views are excellent!

Guthega Dam
A new bridge to cross the river, in front of the old (and much more fun!) flying fox
The moon is up over the Main Range
Illawong Hut
The Illawong Suspension Bridge & Main Range
If it looks a little rickety…that’s because it is!
The trail continues along the left side of the river, eventually all the way to Charlotte Pass
Looking back towards Guthega.
Guthega ski slopes visible in the distance
Downhill towards Guthega Dam and pondage

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