Thirlmere Lakes (June 2020)

Following the COVID-19 lockdowns in NSW, I took some days off work to explore around Sydney and nearby surrounds after a few months of being stuck basically at home. Thirlmere Lakes was a place I found with a simple Google search, south of Sydney, on the edge of the southern highlands. Being a Thursday, there weren’t many people around and after a picnic lunch, we set off an an easy walk – actually, I’d call it a stroll – around the lake, a flat 6km circuit. Can’t recommend Thirlmere Lakes enough: a great spot pretty close to Sydney, and a scenic drive down, especially if you go out via Camden and over Razorback as we did.

Sun dial at Anthony Hordern’s Tree on Razorback
Anthony Hordern’s Tree, our morning tea spot.
Thirlmere Lakes minus water
Thirlmere Lakes with plenty of water.
Werri Berri Picnic Area
Giant rock formations.
The start of the trail is down this dirt road, before venturing off onto a single-file track later.
Easy walk, beautiful weather.
My walking companions.
Wouldn’t have wanted to be around when this one fell!

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