Namadgi National Park Hospital Hill Lookout (May 2019)

Mother’s Day Weekend 2019 – Day Three

If you head out from Tuggeranong in the deep south of the Australian Capital Territory and take Drakeford Drive south, it soon becomes Tharwa Drive and you go across the Murrumbidgee River through the tiny blink-and-you-miss-it town of Tharwa.

Soon, you enter the Namadgi National Park, go past the Visitor’s Centre and continue along what becomes the Naas Road. Past the turnoff towards Booroomba Rocks, Naas Road becomes Boboyan Road and you climb.

If it’s autumn or winter, you might see some snow in the trees or on the scrubby, gumtree-filled bush on either side of the road. Then, a sign to Hospital Hill Lookout. Take it, and you end up in a dirt parking area. Follow the metal walkway onto the elevated viewing platform and look down into the vast Gudgenby Valley. Or across to the high peaks of the Namadgi…


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