A Sydney Harbour Sunset (November 2018)

I may be a little biased, but I firmly believe that Sydney has the most spectacular harbour in the world. On a clear night, when it’s warm and you’re actually on the water, there is nothing better than witnessing a sunset featuring global icons like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

In the middle of November, I was on the Rocks Rhythmboat for the annual Travis Collins cruise. This is a homegrown, ARIA-nominated country artist who’s really going places. In a few years time, the notion of getting to watch him play for just 150 people in a relaxed and informal setting (Trav was even the guy scanning our ticket barcodes!) is going to be an improbable one. But before the rest of the country discover Trav’s greatness, we had an awesome opportunity to watch him do his thing, whilst Sydney delivered another spectacular sunset.

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