A New York City Christmas (December 2010)

New York, NY – the city so good they named it twice. Undoubtedly, the Big Apple is at it’s glamorous best from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, when it seems like literally the entire city gets into the festive act and provides a Christmas experience that thrills millions of visitors each holiday season – as long as you don’t mind crowds. I mean, if you hate crowds, steer clear of Manhattan around Christmas. And the other four boroughs, too.

But if you don’t mind crowds, cold weather and you love Christmas, there are few better (maybe none better?) places on earth in December than New York City. My first time experiencing Christmas Big Apple-style was 2010. And man, was it fantastic. I can’t recommend it enough. I was fortunate to have a week leading up to the Big Day, then fly home to Australia for a warm Christmas with the family. Best of both worlds!

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