Easter 2017 – Day Four (16 April)

In the midst of a weekend that’s always been a happy and fun one, Nathan and I had a sombre Easter Sunday.

We left Sawpit early and drove around to Geehi, where friends and family gathered to scatter the ashes of a really good bloke who left us far too soon. Paul (who provided us with everlasting, indelible memories in 2009) sadly passed away late last year, and he loved the mountains so much that he wanted to have his ashes scattered there.

The chosen location was Scammel’s Spur Lookout, on the Alpine Way between Geehi and Khancoban. It’s an incredibly beautiful spot, and under any circumstances other than these,it would’ve been a pleasure to be there, but it was a tough morning. Nevertheless, I was honoured to be a part of the ceremony. We

The winding Alpine Way between Thredbo and Tom Groggin.
Early morning fog in the valley.


An incredible view from Scammel’s Spur Lookout.


Looking up at the Main Range from Geehi.
Wish I’d brought my boardies so I could’ve jumped in. Cold? Probably. Fun? Definitely.
In the end, I rolled up my jeans and waded into the river. Yeah, it was cold!
Made it to the ute.


Felt like we jammed a dozen people into that Hilux.
This is a great photo!
Back at Island Bend…raging campfire!

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