Easter 2017 – Day Five (17 April)

The last full day of the Easter long weekend always seems to come around so quickly, and it’s never a fun realisation that you’re going home tomorrow. At least the weather was brilliant on Easter Monday, and we decided to drive around to Guthega. Trust me, when visiting the state’s smallest ski resort, you can’t go past the Guthega Inn, which sits up on a hill and, aside from good food and local knowledge, offers great views of the Main Range.

After a morning tea stop there, we headed out to the ruins of an old rope tow, and further on up the narrow valley to an old bridge. We ate lunch there, and afterwards, Trev and I branched off. We climbed straight up the side of the mountain, which was very tough going, but the view at the top was incredibly worth it, as you’ll see from the photos below.

Being up on the mountain, basically alone, is an amazing feeling. The view is just about endless, and the high country is my favourite view in the world. We found an old track that continued up along the ridge, and are determined to see where it goes next year. It was a fantastic way to end a fantastic weekend. Easter seems to get better and better every year!

One of my favourite places to eat.
Guthega Dam wall.


Trev and I taking a break.
Crossing the river.


The old rope tow has certainly seen better days.
This one could be called ‘Three Idiots on a Bridge’.
Trev and I concentrating on lunch. No idea what dad’s concentrating on!
Like I said, it was a tough climb up the mountain…
But the views at the top made it worthwhile.
Looking across to the ski slopes of Guthega.
Great selfie!
Look at that view!


Yours truly sneaking into the picture out there in the distance.


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