Easter 2017 – Day Three (15 April)

Easter Saturday 2017 was a memorable one. Most of us headed over to Thredbo with the intention of doing the Dead Horse Gap walk, but that was shut down pretty quickly when we arrived in the village there and found a two-hour wait for tickets for the chairlift, and, they, another hour to line up for the chairlift itself. On such a beautiful Easter Saturday, it was absolute madness to only have one or two ticket windows open. There were plenty of disgruntled people around.

We met up with Lauryn and Nathan who’d come over from Geehi and eventually decided to head out along the Thredbo River trail near the golf course, and cut up to the Merritt’s Nature Trail as well, which looped back to the village about 6km later. It wasn’t quite the walk we were all expecting to do, but it was a great day nonetheless.

After the walk, we headed back to Jindabyne where the ran into Matt, Charlotte, Brock and Kristy. The latter two were over the moon because Brock had proposed during their walk up to Porcupine Rocks near Perisher. Congratulations, guys!

We ended Saturday with some more firewood collection – dominated, it must be said, by Matt and Brock – and the always-epic campfire roast. It’s probably the most delicious meal each year, and it didn’t disappoint in 2017!

Stunning Easter Saturday in Thredbo
Thredbo River


Lunch near the Snowgums chairlift.
Beautiful cascades on the Merritt’s Nature Track
Not sure what to say about this trio…
On the Alpine Way headed back to Jindabyne.


Lake Jindabyne.
Island Bend
Matt and Brock hard at work.
Suns out, guns out…?
Standard victory pose.
Love a full campsite!


Mission accomplished!


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