Rainbow Lake, Snowy Mountains (March 2020)

The weekend before Sydney and the rest of Australia followed the rest of the world into the COVID-19 “flatten the curve” lockdowns, we headed down to the Snowy Mountains to do the Dead Horse Gap/Thredbo River walk, and to warm up, on the Friday afternoon, we set off on the short – 2.7km return – but picturesque Rainbow Lake walk.

Heading off from the trailhead on the Kosciuszko Road to Perisher
The mostly flat trail winds through the trees.
Blue sky about to be overtaken by the clouds…it rained quite heavily later in the night
Rainbow Lake from the top of the hill
A man-made lake, water supply for the nearby Sponars Chalet.
Yours’ truly – one for Insta?
This rickety pier has definitely seen better days.
We lost the track on the far side of the lake…not for the first time, either!
The bottom end of Rainbow Lake, more a creek here.
A couple of other hikers arrived as we were leaving.

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