Dead Horse Gap / Thredbo River Track (March 2020)

Pound for pound, the Dead Horse Gap / Thredbo River track is probably my favourite of all hikes in the Snowy Mountains. Either downhill or flat – the hard uphill part can be done by the Kosciuszko Express chairlift from Thredbo’s Valley Terminal – you get stunning views of the mountains for the first leg of the walk, before descending below the tree line to Dead Horse Gap and returning to Thredbo along the Thredbo River trail, which is also beautiful.

On the last weekend before lockdown in March 2020, and shortly after the horrendous bushfires that had burned through large parts of the high country, we took advantage of glorious weather and had an amazing day.

Perfect day for it!
Off on the Koscuiszko Express
Final approach to the top.
Hard to believe it had rained that morning.
Top of the Koscuiszko Express
Looking down to Thredbo Village and the Alpine Way
Looking down over The Basin to Eagle’s Nest.
We stopped for lunch amongst those rocks and trees.
Lunch views.
Lunch stop.
Whoops! John took a spill!
The descent to Dead Horse Gap begins.
Dead Horse Gap: the Alpine Way and Cascades/Tin Mine Track are visible here.
Bridge over the Thredbo River
4km from a cold beer!
The Thredbo River track is mostly flat, easy walking.
Back in the Thredbo village.

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