America 2018: Day Thirteen (4 September)

We are graffiti on a subway train
Two hands shape of a heart
Lyrics on a Coca-Cola classic can
Promises whispered in the dark
We are Hemingway in a dive bar
I love you in a dead language
Progress running through the telephone wires
Sneakers hangin’ by the laces

We are the back roads dirty water soul banks
From the city to the country doing our thing, our way
Say things that I was gonna say
Freedom of our age we are born and raised on American Slang

                                                                                                                   – The Cadillac Three

Tuesday 4 September

Pretty relaxed day today, as the Chicagoland area swelters through another hot day. If I haven’t already mentioned, the humidity has been outrageous here this past week.

Went to downtown Naperville this morning because yesterday I discovered a problem with my iPhone: the battery percentage indicator isn’t moving off of100%, despite the fact that I’m clearly using the phone. One moment on the way home from Six Flags, I’m scrolling through Twitter and the next I’m all out of power and the phone has shut down. Not great.


So Apple were pretty busy when I arrived there. Made an appointment for 4:30pm, left all my details and was told to come back at 4:20pm. Was also promised a text message but that didn’t come through, but I figured it wasn’t a big deal.

Anyway, came back at the appointed time, and they can’t find my name on the list. After a search, it turns out they had me (incorrectly) scheduled in for 1:30pm. Which was never, ever the case because we were always having lunch with Matt and Scott at that time. A fact I made known to the person looking after me. He said he could throw me back into the queue but there was about a ninety minute wait.

I objected to that, considering I’d been given the run-around. I ended up getting shoved into the line where I should have been all along, and I saw an Apple technician. Bottom line: new battery. Better to pay $30 here rather than $80 back home. I’m taking the phone back tomorrow and they’ll install it for me. All’s well that ends well.


As mentioned, we had lunch with Matt and Scott, outdoors at Shane’s Deli in downtown Wheaton. It’s fast becoming a bit of a tradition, too. Really good sandwiches there, and always a fun time with those guys. We had an outdoor, shaded seat, which suited us just fine. There’s lots of roadworks going on around Wheaton, so every five minutes or so a large truck comes rumbling past to interrupt the conversation. We also visited Ivana in downtown Naperville this morning and strolled along the River Walk, which you can see in the above and below photos.

Dinner with the Rovik’s tonight. Hard to believe their little girl Emery has grown as much as she has in the nine months since we were last in town. All these kids growing up is making me feel old. We had a good night of tacos, beer and conversation. Allan and Mackenzie are great people, and it’s always a fun hang.


Heading up north tomorrow for lunch with Mike and Sagar.

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