Easter 2018: Easter Sunday

The weather was a little iffy on Easter Sunday. Cloudy with what looked like the possibility for some rain (thankfully, that never eventuated) and strong winds up high, the combination putting an end to our plan to walk Dead Horse Gap at Thredbo.

Instead, we settled for the Pallaibo Track, a pleasant one-way walk (with a car shuffle) down from the Sawpit Creek picnic area to the Thredbo River picnic area, right at the entrance to Koscuiszko National Park. It’s one of my favourites, and considering you could by no means call it a serious high country walk, there are some great views, especially lower down, of the Thredbo Valley – and the last part, walking along the river, is beautiful, too.

4km, all downhill. Very nice!
Sawpit Creek
We had lunch near the ruins of Collins Hut in this beautiful valley.
One of the locals came to say hello.
We found this guy just off the track near the Thredbo River.
Our campsite at Island Bend.
‘Fire’ emoji

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