America 2017: Day Thirty-Two (21 November)

You might have laughed if I told you
You might have hidden A frown
You might have succeeded in changing me
I might have been turned around

It’s easier to leave than to be left behind
Leaving was never my proud
Leaving New York, never easy
I saw the light fading out


– R.E.M

Tuesday 21 November

Youngstown, Ohio

Michael Stipe, lead singer of seminal 90’s band R.E.M. said it best: “Leaving New York, never easy”.

It isn’t. It never has been. And I doubt it ever will. This is a fantastic, vibrant, epic city, and I doubt that will ever change. Similarly, I don’t doubt that I’ll be back before too long. The good news is we are headed to Chicago for Thanksgiving, which is probably my favourite day of the year to be in the United States.

We are overnighting in Youngstown, Ohio, just across the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line. We left Staten Island around 8:00am, had a trouble-free run out of New York City surrounds, stopped for coffee near the New Jersey-Pennsylvania state line (at McDonalds!) and pushed on. Basically, 95% of the day today we were driving through Pennsylvania, and it’s a particularly beautiful time of the year to be doing so, with the last of the fall colours out and on display, under mostly sunny skies.

The drive was about six hours, and we have about the same distance tomorrow, which should see us arrive in Chicago in the early afternoon. We ate at a Perkins Diner again tonight, and picked up some pies for Thanksgiving.

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