Palm Springs Aerial Tramway (December 2010)

One of the great things about a two-month vacation (in which time I visited an extraordinary number of states: California, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina…and British Columbia) was having the chance to visit some places that I’d always wanted to see, but had never had the opportunity during busy two- or three-week trips.

One of those places was Palm Springs, California, and particularly the Aerial Tramway, which happens to be the largest rotating tramway in the world, rising out of the Coachella Valley to the San Jacinto National Park.

The journey takes a little more than twelve minutes, and, as you can see, the views from the top are stunning. It’s well worth the drive out from Los Angeles.

Stunning views of the Coachella Valley
Yours truly being a peanut!
Snow at the top, desert at the bottom. Still mind-blowing.
An amazing desert sunset
Heading back down.
The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway near bottom station.
Snow & desert.
So much great walking through the snow-covered forest to be done!

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