America 2019: Day Nineteen (Wednesday 5 June)

Go wide open, it’s a pedal down kind of a thing
Little bit of Mo-Town smooth
A little bit of Memphis Blues
A sea of emotion raining all over me
Give me that heart and that soul
American rock ‘n roll

                                                                                                                              – Kid Rock

Wednesday 5 June

Much better weather this morning than twenty-four hours ago! (Not that that’s saying all that much, mind you!)

Our third-last full day in Chicago began with me feeling a little second hand. Woke up early in the morning with a headache and a sore throat and had trouble getting back to sleep. Listened to the giant storm – thunder, rain and lighting – before drifting off to sleep again. Bit worried about the throat this morning because I know Kristina had strep throat last week and, of course, we spent the evening with them last night.

Felt food getting out onto the prairie path later in the day for 5km. I’m really going to miss those morning walks when we leave on Saturday.

We went over to Twin Peaks to meet Scott for lunch. That’s become a bit of a tradition over the last few years. Sure, the restaurant is a more “alpine-themed” version of Hooters, but the food is actually good. I had chipotle chicken with creamy mash potato, corn and even some sautéed broccoli, which was quite nice. Me liking broccoli is a shocking development.

Unfortunately, during lunch I started shaking like a leaf, and by the end was feeling very second-hand. That precipitated a trip to the nearby Super Target to the pharmacy there, where I came away with a bunch of pills that will to do the trick as far as dulling the symptoms of whatever I have. Fingers crossed it’s just the flu and will go away as long as I have plenty of rest, try to eat healthy (no easy thing here!) drink lots of water and no beer etc. I figure if it’s still lingering when I get home on Monday, I’ll go to the doctor then. I just want to get through the next few days and enjoy them.

Took an afternoon nap and swallowed some Day-Quill tablets and woke up feeling a lot better. We drove over to Glen Ellyn and met Allan, Mackenzie and Emery for dinner at a nice restaurant that’s just opened there called the Nobel House. Of all the kids, I think Emery’s the one who has grown the most in the nine months since I last visited. The food was really good: ate a nice chicken salad and washed it down with multiple glasses of water.

We walked down to a nearby gelato store in the warm evening sun, which did me the world of good. Only problem was that the store closed at 6pm, which was a bit weird, considering it’s summer and you’d imagine ice cream/gelato shops would do most of their business into the early evening, with kids out and about later because they don’t have school. Anyway, we ended up at Kimmer’s Ice Cream store in Wheaton, right near the train tracks that cut the town in two, capping off a fun night.

I’m going to get a big sleep tonight and see if I can’t shake this illness quick. Cubs tomorrow!

(Fairly quiet day today, so apologies for a lack of photos).


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