America 2019: Day Four (Tuesday 21 May)

She’s got hair as cold as Kansas wheat
Her body moves like bourbon street in New Orleans
So wild and free
She’s a California red sunset
Stars in her eyes, stripes on her dress
Every summer night feels like the 4th of July

She’s American
Making my world better than it’s ever been
One part Norma Jean and one part Marilyn
She’s making me fall in love with everything American

                                                                                                                                – Morgan Evans


Tuesday 21 May

Up at 3:00am. Out the door by 3:45am. At the airport just after 4:15am and on a flight two hours after that, four hours west to Chicago-Midway, where the weather was decidedly wintry.

We ate lunch on our southward journey to Indianapolis, stopping at Cracker Barrel – a favourite of mine since Will Longhini got us onto them years ago – which is always an enjoyable experience. I had the smoked ham with a baked sweet potato, coleslaw and, of course, some amazing apple pie.

Our Indianapolis home.

Not much else going on today – flying and driving.

We’re eagerly looking for weather forecasts that point to the successful running of the race on Sunday. Right now, they’re forecasting storms in the early morning and again in the afternoon that may force a postponement to Monday. Still a long way to go, though, and Indianans tell me the forecast conditions can and probably will change about 25 times between now and Sunday. We’ve got our fingers crossed. And toes. And eyes. And everything else!

Our street – typical of Midwestern America. Ranch houses, big lots, no fences.

Made it to Indianapolis around 8:00pm. We lose an hour, going from central to eastern time, and are staying in the middle of suburbia, in a very nice AirBnB about twenty minutes’ drive from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Where we’re headed tomorrow…

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