Easter 2017 – Day One (13 April)

One of my favourite days of the year is waking up on the Thursday before Easter, because it means I’m off to the Snowy Mountains. It’s become an Easter tradition in my family. I’m 32 and my family’s been camping down in the high country at Easter long before I was even thought of. My brother and I have grown up with my family’s love of the mountains instilled in us.

Easter’s the last few years have been fantastic. Big groups, good weather, and I’m lucky to get to make the trip with two of my best mates. Trev and I set off on a beautiful April morning from Sydney and stopped to visit a friend in Robertson (in the Southern Highlands) and headed down to the mountains.

We thought the apocalypse was coming along the Goulburn-Bungendore-Queanbeyan road
Mountains on either side of us on the Monaro Highway south of Cooma.
The old Queanbeyan-Cooma railway stretching away into the distance.
Most of the clouds cleared away and it was a stunning afternoon.
This weather was a sign of good things to come!
Out the back of Cooma on the Maffra Road. So quintessentially Australian.
On the Mafffra Road out of Cooma, one of the best roads in the region.
Epic sunset on the Snowy River Way near Dalgety.
What a stunning evening!
Winding road, heading to the mountains, sunset — it doesn’t get much better!

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