#TravelGoals AKA My Top 5 ‘Places I Can’t Wait To Visit in 2017’.

#TravelGoals. 2017 is going to see me make two trips to America – one in late July and another in the fall. Throw in a few other planned trips and it’s going to be a good year.

Which places am I looking forward to visiting the most? Read on…

1. Jindabyne/Thredbo/Mt Kosciuszko 

Porcupine Rocks, Perisher.

My favourite place in the world. I was doing some calculations with my parents the other night, and worked out that, in my thirty-one years and one month of existence, I’ve probably visited the New South Wales high country at least a hundred times. Winter skiing is great, but, for mine, the Snowies are at their absolute best when there isn’t snow on the ground. Easter camping at Island Bend is a highlight every year, and I’m doing the Mt Koscuiszko walk with friends and family in March, too. The Snowies will always hold a special place in my heart.

2. Chicago


Arriving in Chicago feels a lot like coming home, thanks to the great friends I have in the Windy City. It’s fast becoming my favourite city in America (sorry, New York – you’re still awesome) and over the last few years, I’ve discovered the delights of visiting Chicago during the summer months, when you can bike the city, watch baseball, and generally do things that don’t involve needing to wear approximately 67164 layers to keep warm. In 2017, I’ll get a bit of both: I have trips planned for July and again in November/December.

3. Lake Placid

Atop the Whiteface Mountain summit.

If you’re a hockey nut like me, Lake Placid in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York are famous for being home of the 1980 ‘Miracle on Ice’ game, but the spectacular village has more to offer than just great sporting memories. In winter, it’s as close to a storybook alpine village as you can get. Whiteface Mountain’s excellent skiing is nearby, too. Can’t wait to visit Lake Placid for the third time in my life.

4. Denver/Colorado Springs

A brutally cold day at 14,110 feet.

One of the cities I visited and really loved on my mammoth eight-week trip to America in October-November-December 2010 was Denver, and unfortunately I haven’t been back since. Same goes for Colorado Springs, home to the spectacular Garden of the Gods, and also where the Pikes Peak Cog Railway departs from. I’m excited to head back to both cities later this year.

5. New York City 

A New York City sunset.

Although it’s not my favourite city in America anymore, the Big Apple is still one of the most amazing places you can visit. There’s a sort of manic, crazy energy there that I don’t think exists in quite the same fashion anywhere else. It’s been nearly two years since I was last in New York City, and I imagine that plenty has changed since. Headed back there with my parents in November, and doing the tourist thing again, which should be fun. Looking forward to eating at Carnegie’s Deli, watching the Rangers at Madison Square Garden and hopefully completely avoiding the madhouse of Times Square early and often.

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