Swans vs Port Adelaide (6 August 2016)

Great game – the Swans dominated Port Adelaide for three quarters and had it not been for the final term, might’ve won by a century or more.

Front row, top deck, Bradman Stand. A good wet-weather spot.

Indifferent weather – it poured during our walk from the carpark to the Bradman Stand (of course!) and slowed to a light drizzle about ten minutes after we sat down (again…of course!) and the sun sort of came out late in the third.

Allianz Stadium and the Sydney skyline.

It felt like there were about seven people in the ground about 20 minutes before the first bounce. Then, the place filled in really nicely and there was an attendance of better than 30,000! Not bad for a drizzly Saturday coming on the heels of a very wet week!

Sun’s out, Swans on top.


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